School Improvement Plan


School Improvement Plan





SAERC is a grade 9-12 Academy, serving approximately 375 students from the Town of Port Hawkesbury and other communities within Inverness County, including West Bay, West Bay Road, Lower River, Marble Mountain, Dundee, #4 Highway to Cleveland and households along Route #19 to Creignish.  Students from Mulgrave, Guysborough County are also bused to SAERC, as well as students along #105 Highway to Glendale and Whycocomagh.   SAERC offers a comprehensive range of programs and services for its students, including French Immersion, Options and Opportunities and course offerings through Virtual School . 

SAERC’s Vision Statement maintains that SAERC is committed to promoting and maintaining a respectful, caring and safe environment that encourages academic and social growth.  To fulfill this mandate, SAERC provides many opportunities for its students to reach their potential socially, athletically, and academically.  SAERC has previously been recognized for their focus on student achievement and performance by being accredited in the Fall of 2008 and in the Spring of 2012.  SAERC will continue to respond to the needs of their current students with the implementation of the School Improvement Goals identified below.

Data Collection and Analysis:

Literacy Goal:  All SAERC Staff met and reviewed ELA and JHLA Literacy results for each of all students in grade 9-12 on September 5, 2012.  Individual student results were reviewed within the context of school, Board and Provincial results.  At all grade levels, students need support in navigating information text and with higher level comprehension levels  (Grade 9 – 15.4%, Grade 10 – 10%, Grade 11 – 24%, Grade 12 – 17%).  The consensus from all Staff following the review of data was to implement a school-wide goal to address these deficit areas, as the impact in both language-based and content area subjects is significant.

Numeracy Goal:  A team of four Teachers and one Administrator attended a regional inservice on the new model of Continuous School Improvement on January 10, 2013.  During this working session, Staff reviewed the results of the 2012 grade 8 provincial math assessment for students from Tamarac Education Centre and Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre.  The results strongly indicated a need to address deficits in the area of number sense (Tamarac Students – 35% scored between 200 and 499.  Mulgrave Students – 60% scored between 200 and 499).   A school-based PLC consisting of all Teachers of Mathematics will be primarily responsible for the development and delivery of goals and strategies to address this need.




Focus of Implementation



Records of Evidence

Summary Results

1. Students will improve by 10 % their success with reading  and understanding information text.

School-wide implementation

1(a).  Teachers will model  how to read information text by explaining features and what they mean. This will include understanding how information text is built, knowing what to look for, understanding key vocabulary, understanding what to look for prior to reading, etc.




1(b). Students will be exposed to an array of information text .  Resources such as What in the World will be purchased and circulated to all staff and better utilization of the resources in the Literacy Resource Room.


1(c). Students will be provided with choices of information text, at a variety of reading levels.


1(d).  Incorporating information text into classroom assessment.


1(e).  English Teachers, in conjunction with Regional Literacy Support Staff, will develop modules to support all Teachers with the explicit teaching of navigating information text and with higher level comprehension.



2012-13 School Year

Post- test with our current grade 9 and 10 students, including use of a similar assessment as the JHLA, to be administered in May 2013.


Review of new grade 8 data and current grade 9 data in September 2013 will determine whether continuation of this goal is necessary.


2.Students will improve by 5% in number sense

Math – Science classroom implementation

2(a). Teachers will focus on Integers, Fractions and Multiplication Tables


2(b) Teachers will practice the skills at the beginning of class. Teachers will track progress weekly.


2(c) Incorporating information text into classroom instruction

2012-2014 School Year

Review of Math 10 provincial assessment data to compare to that of Grade 8 assessment. It will be done per student, as Math Essentials 10 does not write the provincial assessment.